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  • RE: EU GSP Scheme - using UK Customs warehouse - certificates of non-manipulation

    Hi Thank you for the response. You have specifically stated that a form of evidence is: a certificate of non-manipulation issued by the customs authorities of the country of transit Question: Does the UK Government (e.g. HMRC, DIT etc) issue a certificate of non-manipulation for goods which are in transit in the UK? I have asked DIT and been referred to HMRC, therefore that is my very specific question (not another copy/paste of already available information, which I have taken the time to read already). If the answer is 'no' it would be good if this is formally included in HMRC online guidance (as referred to above), so that if a request is made by an importing EU Customs authority, traders can show that the UK does not issue this document. This will ensure the Customs authority does not demand one as mandatory, which is what we find happens today. Thank you
  • EU GSP Scheme - using UK Customs warehouse - certificates of non-manipulation

    We have a scenario where goods manufactured in Bangladesh and Pakistan, eligible to use the Generalised System of Preference scheme are imported into a Customs warehouse in the UK. They are then consolidated and split into consignments, depending on the final destination. Some goods are entered into free circulation into the UK (duties avoided using GSP documents), or some are sent onto final customers in the EU, Customs cleared in the Netherlands (these goods have not entered free circulation in UK and remained under Customs control the entire time). The goods which are sent to Netherlands are currently paying full duties, and not benefiting from the EU GSP scheme. We have been informed by a Customs agent that Dutch Customs are requesting a certificate of non-manipulation or similar type document, issued by a UK authority. According to the Customs Advisor in the Netherlands we have consulted, this would require a statement of non-manipulation from the UK company to be approved/stamped by HMRC Does HMRC offer this service? If not, what do you suggest we state when a certificate of non-manipulation issued by a UK authority is required from the Netherlands? Is there a way we can raise this issue to the attention of HMRC/DIT if you do not currently issue this document or approve them? Thank you
  • RE: Reclaiming Duty - Small Businesses

    * Sorry to clarify, I mean the C88 form (Single Administrative Document), not C85, which is unavailable to small traders using courier companies
  • Reclaiming Duty - Small Businesses

    Hi. My company is looking to help small UK businesses who import EU goods that are eligible under the EU-UK TCA but not claiming preference. The problem we see is that small companies are importing from EU, where some of the goods are of EU origin while some might be from China etc. Courier companies are getting the importer to pay duties on all products, as it is too much hassle to declare the preferential origin properly. I know duties can be reclaimed via form C285. However, this requires the reclaimer to have access to CHIEF or CDS and have the C85 Customs declaration. Courier companies usually do not provide the C85 document to their small customers, nor do small companies have access to CHIEF or CDS, or even know which system their goods were cleared on. Question: 1. Is there a way for small companies to reclaim duties without having their C85 document? 2. Could their MSS report be used as evidence of the import and duties paid? 3. Has HMRC got a solution for this? (please note I have gotten all my information from this page: