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  • RE: Security checks

    We are still waiting for our refund. It has been almost 16 months now and we are still waiting for the £11000 owed to us. We will be getting our local MP involved if no updates by next month and if that doesn’t work we will be seeking legal advice.
  • RE: Tax Refund - missed BACS request

    We’ve been waiting 4 weeks for a BACS refund that has apparently been paid. Apparently there’s a huge delay on tax refunds due to a backlog. So be prepared to wait!
  • RE: Security checks

    I have and have been told it’s going through security checks. They said 10 days you guys have said 6 weeks so my question is, is this 6 weeks from the date it was marked as “paid” on the tax account? The whole process is an absolute joke, keeping peoples money from them when everybody is struggling.
  • RE: Security checks

    So as this was “paid” 3 weeks ago yesterday I should expect to see it in the bank within the next 3 weeks?
  • RE: P800 tax rebate

    Emily just to warn you this isn’t necessarily true. Our 5 figure tax refund was paid on June 24th and we were told 3-5 days. Then 10. Then another 10. Now we are being told 6 weeks. So although I hope your receive your refund quickly, I wouldn’t believe everything these guys tell you as we are still waiting. Best of luck
  • Security checks

    How long do “security checks” for tax refunds typically take? Our refund was apparently paid 12 working days ago now we are being told to wait another 10 working days which is highly unacceptable given we are in the middle of a cost of living crisis. Can’t help but feel like we’re being lied to and fobbed off.
  • RE: Tax refund

    Alex have you received your refund yet? We’re on working day 10 and still nothing.
  • RE: Hmrc has paid your refund

    To anyone waiting 10 days for a refund, don’t hold your breath. Working day 10 here and still no money. Suspect they will use the “security checks” excuse when we finally manage to get through to the phone lines.
  • RE: When to expect tax refund bank transfer?

    Can I ask did you receive the money within 10 working days? We are in the same situation here. Thanks
  • RE: Tax refund

    It says paid. Is that the same as issued? Thanks