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  • Employer error enquiry

    There are inconsistencies in the PAYE my employer has submitted to HMRC regarding my salary, tax & NI, which he is refusing to correct. My end of year gross salary for both 21/22 and current year 22/23 is incorrect and the variances of what I was paid vs what has been submitted to HMRC is quite substantial and causing me issues. From Nov 2021 to May 2022, every month is wrong, so my current 22/23 totals are also thousands out. I haven’t been supplied with payslips for a majority of this and the ones I have been sent are wrong. I spoke to my employer and he has advised that it is not possible to change either payslips or previous submissions to HMRC and that he will just “owe” me the money. I know of other employees with the same problem. This isn’t an error made in good faith, this is wildly incorrect submissions and he’s refusing to rectify it. This is causing serious issues, as I am now on a reduced rate SMP as my employer made me part time just before my maternity leave. What rights do I have here? My employer isn’t following regulations and my pleas are falling on deaf ears.