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  • Self Assessment submission status

    Dear Admins, I have engaged an Accountant to submit the self-assessment for me, which I approved via the commercial software -IRIS, which is approved by the HMRC. However, when I logged into the tax account, I cannot see that submission has been made. Can you advise on this?
  • RE: Employer can't file PAYE tax return for me

    Hi Admin,
    Following my previous queries, I have had the P45 and Payslip from the employer. However, when I called the HMRC today, they were unable to retrieve any record of this employment (while they can retrieve for my other employments).
    1. I was advised by the HMRC over the phone that I can contact ACAS to ask for their help, to ask this employer to send over the PAYE tax return to the HMRC. I called ACAS subsequently who said they do NOT deal with any tax matter, nor do they have the authority to ask an employer to make submission to the HMRC.
    2. I am due to file a self-assessment for 21/22 where my understanding is that, I will have to provide all past employment records in 21/22. For the above reason, I can foresee that my records to be submitted will not match the records held at the HMRC, i.e. one missing employment records from the HMRC. What can you do to rectify this?
    3. Is this my responsibility as an employee to have my (past) employer filing their employee tax return to the HMRC?
    4. You may ask me to ask that employer to contact the HMRC but from past dealings, I dont think they will be cooperative. In such circumstance, what can I do to rectify the missing record from the HMRC? Many thanks.
  • RE: Pensions from past employment in Hong Kong

    Hi Admin, 1. Thank you for confirming that the Hong Kong pension does not need to be reported to the HMRC ; 2. I am a basic tax payer thus I am entitled to Peronsal Saving Allowance of GBP1,000. As said, my foreign interest for the current financial is GBP500 : a. Is my foreign bank interest eligible for the Personal Saving Allowance? b. If yes, my foreign bank interest will then be within the Personal Saving Allowance. Do I still need to file a self-assessment tax return on this? Please also can you provide me a link to any guidance / tax menu which specifies the requirement of reporting foreign bank interest Thank you.
  • Pensions from past employment in Hong Kong

    Dear HMRC Admins, 1. I become a UK tax resident for the financial year from 6 Apr 21 to 5 Apr 22, where I received a Hong Kong pension after I became UK tax resident for my past employment in Hong Kong (my past employment was prior to becoming a UK tax resident). I understand the Article 17 of the Hong Kong UK Double Taxation Agreement provides that pension will only be taxed at source, and thus my pension will not be subject to UK tax. Please advise if I will need to file a tax return for this. 2. Do I need to file tax return for oversea bank interest of less than GBP100? Thank you
  • Cannot register for self-assessment (SA1)

    Hi, I have arrived the UK since March 2021 and did not register for self-assessment before. I am arranging to file tax return on foreign income (pension) and attempted to register online using the SA1 Form, which is used for self-assessment not on a self-employed basis. I cannot pass the security check questions as I do not hold the required information, i.e. UK Passport and North Ireland Driving License. My questions are as follows: 1. I am going to file the tax return for the period from 6 April 2021 to 5 April 2022 - will I able be to register now as the current financial year has not finished? (With the account registered, I will file AFTER the current financial year) 2. I understand that if I cannot register online using the SA1 Form, I can print out the paper SA1 Form and return to the HMRC for registration. On the second page in the SA1 I am asked what type of income I received that needed filing a tax return. My income is foreign pension (however it is in a country where there is dual tax agreement between the UK that such foreign pension is NOT taxable in the UK. I was advised by the HMRC admin in previous time that I will however still need to report it) and bank interest (which as far as I am aware is less than GBP100 - not sure if this is reportable?). Thus, assuming both foreign pension and the bank interest are both reportable which section shall I choose on the second page in SA1 Form? 3. I see the note that for registering via paper form, I will have to create a personal tax account after I have received the UTR from the HMRC. I have already had a personal tax account for my employment in the UK. (but obviously there is no such function in the personal tax account page to see any option for self-assessment). Do you mean that I will need to create another personal tax account for the purpose of filing under self-assessment for the above-mentioned foreign income? Thank you for addressing to my questions.
  • RE: PAYE Question

    Dear Admins, Thank you so much for your replies. In respect of your replies 1 . Assuming the tax and NI have been correctly deducted from my take home salary by the employer, the reporting and payment of Tax and NI contributions to HMRC is then the responsibility of the employer but not me, as an employee. Please confirm my understanding on this. 2. The employer has not yet given me the pay slip as he mentioned that his accounting system cannot generate the pay slip in the absence of an NI number, which I have applied for and am waiting to receive it from DWP. Instead, the employer has emailed me the payment details which include the gross pay, tax and NI deductions and the take home pay (which was remitted via bank transfer). In the absence of a pay slip, does this written email suffice as a proof for my salary paid and relevant tax / NI deductions from the employer? Thank you in advance.
  • RE: PAYE Question

    Hi Admins, Following my previous questions, my employer has now paid me my final salary on 30 Jul 2021 for termination of employment on 27 Jul 2021. The employer has not yet given me the pay slip but he sent me an email detailing the gross pay, tax and NI contribution deductions, and the take home pay. The calculations provided to me are Gross Pay £2800.02 Tax £350.50 NI £240.32 Tax Home £2209.20 And I have the following further questions: 1. Provided that the relevant tax and NI contributions were deducted from my take home pay, as an employee will I still be responsible for the tax and NI contribution if it ends up that my previous employer didn't make such relevant payment to the HMRC? 2. How can I check my tax and NI contribution without a NI number? (As I do not have the NI number yet I can't check on the gov online account) 3. Following previous inquires where I am entitled to a P45 Form upon leave irrespective of my length of employment, what can I do if I want to complain against a former employer who does not give me the P45? Thank you so much.
  • Employer can't file PAYE tax return for me

    Dear Sirs / Madam, I was employed by an employer and my employment has been terminated on 27 July 2021. My employer paid me the final salary, after making the tax and NI deductions, on 30 July 2021, without giving me the pay slip and P45 Form. After repeated chasing, the employer told me today that, because I do not have a NI Number (which I applied in May 2021 and I am waiting to receive it) he cannot make the tax filing for me and therefore can't give me the pay slip and P45 Form. May I ask if this is true? What can I do as an employee to secure my interest? Thank you.
  • RE: PAYE Question

    Hi Admins, Thank you so much for your reply. Accordingly, for illustration purpose assuming my Gross Income is £1,000 and the Tax and NI deductions by my employer is £200, then my Tax Home Pay is £800. Provided that the £200 deduction does not underestimate my actual Tax and NI due, my employer is held responsible for any non-paymenf of this £200 to the HMRC and I am not liable for any non-payment of this and there shall be no action for me to take in this circumstance. If however, my reconcilled ACTUAL Tax and NI due to HMRC at the end of relevant tax year is, say, £250, then I shall be responsible for the short-fall of £50 not yet deducted by my employer at the time of salary remittance. 1. Kindly confirm my understanding to the above. 2. Separately, I have been employed on PAYE on a short period, I.e. about 1 month, and my employment is soon coming to end. Can I still request the P45 Form from my employer under this circumstance ? If yes, what can I do if the employer refuses to give me such P45 Form? Will the absence of a P45 Form affect my tax position? Thank you in advance.
  • RE: PAYE Question

    Thank you so much for your reply. However, I am still confused on one issue:- As you mentioned, I understand that I will have to pay for any shortfall between the deducted tax and NI and the actual amount due which is reconciled at year end. However, if the employer does not pay to the HMRC for the tax and NI which are deducted from my monthly salary pay, will I be held responsible for paying such tax and NI deducted from my salary already? I.e. If I earn £2,000 a month and the employer deducted £400 being the tax and NI, and my actual pay is £1,600. Will I be held responsible for the £400 tax and NI if the employer does not pay this to the HMRC?