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  • Barclays Cashback

    Hi Admin, I am about to open a "Barclays Blue Reward" account from Barclays Bank Plc. There is monthly fee of £5 for this account. There are various rewards if I satisfy certain requirement. One of the rewards, "Loyalty Rewards" says that a customer will be rewarded £5 a month for having two Direct Debits linked to the said account. Barclays has confirmed in their website which says "All other current rewards earned through Blue Rewards, and any Loyalty Reward received from December 2016, are not subject to UK income tax." ( Can I confirm with you that the concerned Loyalty Reward as mentioned above, is not subject to UK tax and thus does not need to be declared? I have read your guidance - SAIM8050 - Annual payments: examples, but I wish to have a confirmation from you. Many thanks.
  • RE: Self-assessment (22-09-22)

    Dear Admin, Thank you for your reply. I have had a look at the Employment Note but it doesn't specifically address my questions above. Can you please reply to my questions directly ? Thank you.
  • Self-assessment (22-09-22)

    Dear Admins, I am employed on a PAYE basis and for other reasons I have to complete the self-assessment. My questions are: 1. If my company (the one I am employed under PAYE) pays me the business mileage for using my own car to travel to a temporary work place at the approved rate (i.e. 45p for first 10,000 miles in a year), please confirm if I need to put these payment (at the approved rate) in the Employment Section (SA102 Form) or any other sections under the self-assessment. 2. If my company (the one I am employed under PAYE) reimburses me for business expenses, for example the cost for posting a letter, please confirm if I need to put such reimbursement (in this case, actual cost of postage) in the Employment Section (SA 102 Form) or any other sections under the self-assessment. Thank you.
  • Self Assessment submission status

    Dear Admins, I have engaged an Accountant to submit the self-assessment for me, which I approved via the commercial software -IRIS, which is approved by the HMRC. However, when I logged into the tax account, I cannot see that submission has been made. Can you advise on this?
  • RE: Pensions from past employment in Hong Kong

    Hi Admin, 1. Thank you for confirming that the Hong Kong pension does not need to be reported to the HMRC ; 2. I am a basic tax payer thus I am entitled to Peronsal Saving Allowance of GBP1,000. As said, my foreign interest for the current financial is GBP500 : a. Is my foreign bank interest eligible for the Personal Saving Allowance? b. If yes, my foreign bank interest will then be within the Personal Saving Allowance. Do I still need to file a self-assessment tax return on this? Please also can you provide me a link to any guidance / tax menu which specifies the requirement of reporting foreign bank interest Thank you.
  • Pensions from past employment in Hong Kong

    Dear HMRC Admins, 1. I become a UK tax resident for the financial year from 6 Apr 21 to 5 Apr 22, where I received a Hong Kong pension after I became UK tax resident for my past employment in Hong Kong (my past employment was prior to becoming a UK tax resident). I understand the Article 17 of the Hong Kong UK Double Taxation Agreement provides that pension will only be taxed at source, and thus my pension will not be subject to UK tax. Please advise if I will need to file a tax return for this. 2. Do I need to file tax return for oversea bank interest of less than GBP100? Thank you
  • Cannot register for self-assessment (SA1)

    Hi, I have arrived the UK since March 2021 and did not register for self-assessment before. I am arranging to file tax return on foreign income (pension) and attempted to register online using the SA1 Form, which is used for self-assessment not on a self-employed basis. I cannot pass the security check questions as I do not hold the required information, i.e. UK Passport and North Ireland Driving License. My questions are as follows: 1. I am going to file the tax return for the period from 6 April 2021 to 5 April 2022 - will I able be to register now as the current financial year has not finished? (With the account registered, I will file AFTER the current financial year) 2. I understand that if I cannot register online using the SA1 Form, I can print out the paper SA1 Form and return to the HMRC for registration. On the second page in the SA1 I am asked what type of income I received that needed filing a tax return. My income is foreign pension (however it is in a country where there is dual tax agreement between the UK that such foreign pension is NOT taxable in the UK. I was advised by the HMRC admin in previous time that I will however still need to report it) and bank interest (which as far as I am aware is less than GBP100 - not sure if this is reportable?). Thus, assuming both foreign pension and the bank interest are both reportable which section shall I choose on the second page in SA1 Form? 3. I see the note that for registering via paper form, I will have to create a personal tax account after I have received the UTR from the HMRC. I have already had a personal tax account for my employment in the UK. (but obviously there is no such function in the personal tax account page to see any option for self-assessment). Do you mean that I will need to create another personal tax account for the purpose of filing under self-assessment for the above-mentioned foreign income? Thank you for addressing to my questions.