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  • Accountant help

    Hello. Ive got an accountant to do my self assessment. He's done it other years with no problems. It was filed straight away on the 6th of April. Since then he's kept saying it's been passed, just waiting for them to send the money (Its goes into his account)... Every week I ask him and he says it hasn't gone it yet. Then today for some reason I decided to log in online and it says "replayment was issued 18th april". I managed to chat to someone on the live chat , just before it closed for the night, who said they should of received it and if they haven't..they have to prove it. I've finally managed to get hold of my account via email ..he said he hasn't received it but is being very vague and not really replying. I'm suspecting he might be dodgy...if he continues to claim he hasn't received it...what can I do? Who do I speak to. Can I get hold of the money some how ? I'm really stressed out . Thanks
  • Repayment issue

    Hello. My account keeps saying the payment hasn't gone in yet, which I filed on the 6th of April. That's fair enough. Keeps saying it so I thought is check myself today...and it says this.... Repayment issued 18 Apr 2023 From what I can see online it should be within my accounts bank account within 10 working days of that? I'm just now a little concerned. Thanks