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  • subsistence while working away from place of work

    I am employed on normal PAYE terms as a delivery driver. I go to the depot, organise my deliveries and route then go out delivering for 5-7 hours covering up to about 250 miles, then return to depot. On these journeys I do feel the need to take a couple of breaks - safety/wellbeing - and get a drink or light snack to keep me going. I have seen somewhere that a daily flat rate is available to claim for subsistence on these sort of journeys but cant find sections to claim within SA or form P87 - it only seems to deal with overnight stays which isn't applicable to me. I've asked on the SA help chat but got advised to use P87 which has no such help. 52 weeks a year - less say 6 weeks for holidays - 4 days a week. = 184 working days. £5 a day ? Or would more specific records need to be kept? Thank you
  • RE: meal allowance

    Not an allowable expense for self employment ? Just wondering why you answered in terms of self employment. I am now full time employed in a PAYE type job and I go out delivering for about 6-7 hours per day, which was the reason I asked the question. Just like I used to do in a part time job, but now its full time. Thanks
  • meal allowance

    When i had more complex tax issues, like own business and employment accounts I had an accountant file my SA return He used to claim £5 a day meal allowance for me in my part time job as a delivery driver - leaving a depot for about 5 - 8 hours on a route and then returning later. When I filed latest return I got some note that my tax code is being adjusted and when i enquired i was told that a previous allowance had been removed. How/where do I claim this in the SA process? I've sold my own business and now do the delivery job as a full time job now but still have to do SA due to my share holdings, etc.