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  • RE: Request for CDS unsuccesfull

    Hi Until now HMRC is unable to find working solution. I have received 3 times same email despite the fact that I 've done what was asked after receiveing the first. This whole CDS is complete mess, problems with registering, HMRC advisors doesn;'t know what to do and cannot help you at all except ''reporting this problem to Technical Team''. Like it would help.... Sorry, I am quite angry, irritated because at the end of the day my company will feel the effects of their incompetency. I was informed to do this: ''Please provide your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) and EORI. Also confirm the EORI you use to make declarations; provide screenshot of your unsuccessful message, a screenshot of the 'check your answers' page and your reason for subscribing to CDS (e.g. Postponed VAT accounting (PVA), Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) etc). Please send this information via email to adding CDS Mismatch in the subject line.'' Eventually you can write to Maybe they will help you somehow, if it works - please share the solution. Kind Regards
  • RE: Request for CDS unsuccesfull

    Dear HMRC Admin 25 Do you really think we haven't done it yet? I have done everything that was suggested by HMRC consultants. Still with no effect despite lovely people on helpline. It is not their fault that HMRC introduces new Customs Declaration system that does not even let companies to register. HMRC just gave their consultants some ready solutions that doesn't work.
  • Request for CDS unsuccesfull

    Multiple tries to subscribe to CDS are unsuccesfull despite checking address details with EORI team or on VAT check page on Any ideas how to do that properly? HMRC helpline dosn't have any clue what to do - just telling Us to report wrongly working page. Would be helpful for any advice. Thx