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  • Self-employment SA103s Form

    For self-employed as sole proprietor, service provider in Hong Kong, in the box 2 of Business details (SA103s), how can I enter the detail of "Postcode of your business address" as Hong Kong does not has postal code and my business address in Hong Kong?
  • RE: Spilt year treatment and foreign income

    If I have interest and dividend incomes every year from oversea life insurance policies and these incomes are reinvested in the policies without withdrawing to personal bank account, as tax resident, do I need to include/report these income in the tax return for the year 2022/23 ? Thank you.
  • RE: Spilt year treatment and foreign income

    Can I download the form SA100 of 2022/23 for reference? I cannot find the form download from your link provided "Self Assessment tac return forms". Thank you.
  • RE: Spilt year treatment and foreign income

    SA109 must be filed in paper form? If yes, other forms SA100, SA103 and SA106 also must be filed in paper form together before 31 October 2023? And I need to acquire the forms by calling your department and they will be sent to me by mail?
  • Spilt year treatment and foreign income

    Hi, I arrived at UK on 28 Jun 2022 and have rented a property in UK since 11 Jul 2022. I have a sole trader business providing services in Hong Kong up to now. I do not start working in UK as employment or sole trader up to now. Having stayed in the UK for more than 183 days, I believe I am the tax resident for the tax year 2022-2023. Before 28 Jun 2022, I did not have any other ties to UK before arrival. I have not had any home in Hong Kong since 28 Jun 2022. And UK is the only home. Can I apply spilt year treatment case 4 only? What forms should I submit, eg SA100, SA106, SA109, SA103S or SA103F ? SA109 need to be submitted in paper form, all other forms, eg SA100 also need to be submitted in paper form together? How can I get the paper form of the above if need? I have registered self assessment online, still waiting the UTR letter. My foreign income in Hong Kong should be spilt into oversea part and UK part and reporting in which form? Thanks Best Regards FC