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  • Pension contributions

    My salary is £28,500. I know I can pay 100% of this into my pension and receive tax relief on this. However, I have unused allowance from the three previous years of approximately £15,000 per year therefore can I receive tax relief on pension contributions of £73,500 (£28,000 + £45,000) in this year year even though that’s over 100% of my salary? Thank you
  • RE: Processing time

    I don’t think HMRC will accept us just doing a 50/50 split in our tax return without us having lodged the TR1 form with them as the TR1 form confirms the date of the transfer. If we just submit 2 tax returns with a 59/59 slit we will end up being fined or it won’t be accepted as a 50/59 split. I cannot get through on the phone as it says “hold to speak to an advisor” and then cuts me off.
  • RE: Processing time

    Hello the number you have given me is for customs and excise and they say it’s not the correct department. They put me through to land registry but that’s not the department I need either. What I’m trying to do is inform HMRC that I’ve transferred 50% of the rental property to my wife so that we can pay tax accordingly. Would you know what number this is please? I’ve sent them the TR1 form but haven’t had an acknowledgement. Thank you
  • Processing time

    I sent a TR1 form to HMRC on 6th January. When should I expect to receive an acknowledgement or should I assume it has been lost in the post and send it again? Thank you
  • Transfer share of property to spouse

    Hi I own a rental property with no mortgage. I have had a TR1 drawn up to include my spouse as tenants in common with a 50/50 split of income. The TR1 is being processed by the land registry. Do I now send a copy of the TR1 to HMRC? If I want to alter the 50/50 split to 70/30 how do I do this? Thank you