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  • Calculation Income Foreign Tax

    Hi, 1. I arrived in the UK in March 2022 and continued to work remotely as a self_emloyment person in Kyiv (Ukraine). I also continue to pay tax in Ukraine. 2. I have been living in a rented house for more than 8 months (before that I lived with sponsors). 3. I have UTR registration (since September2022) and NIC(since June2022). 4. The Nation Bank of Ukraine bloks all transfers from bank accounts of Ukrainians to foreign bank accounts and sets a limit for cash withdrawals at ATMs. So I withdraw cash from ATMs every week and pay for groceries in the store with my Ukrainian card. Questions: 1. When will I start calculating my taxes from the time I arrived in UK or register my UTR or NIC? 2. What exchange rates should I use if my bank has its own exchange rate and fees? (Currency rates of GOV.UK or my UA bank?) 3. Do I take into account my entire salary (gross in Ukraine) or only the one I take from an ATM with/without purchases? 4. Which forms I have to fill in? Print/post or online? Thank you so much!