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  • RE: Workplace Nursery Scheme - third-party / off-site

    For clarity, the provider mentioned in the above reply (Enjoy Benefits) is the same provider we are looking at.
  • Workplace Nursery Scheme - third-party / off-site

    Hi there. I am seeking some clarity on the legitimacy of an advertised option from the nursery my daughter is booked to attend (full-time) from Jan 2024. They (the nursery) have partnered with a third-party provider which purportedly enables my employer to contract with the nursery and provided there's a financial commitment (around £100 a month) and my agreement to be involved with the direction of those contributed funds / taking an active part in the management of the nursery, I am then (apparently!) able to pay the nursery fees effectively as part of a salary sacrifice agreement (potentially offering up a significant 'saving' on the fees). I have been unable to find anything official on this type of setup - is it possible to clarify the position on whether these schemes are valid for both me and my employer? Many thanks.