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  • Overseason SIPP contributions

    HMRC have a list of overseas pension schemes. Can a UK tax payer invest into these overseas pension schemes and get same benefits as ones here?
  • RE: Personal SIPP and tax

    Thank you. So if my total earning was 104k and I put 4k into SIPP adjusted net income is 100k. Would I pay tax on 100k or 104k.
  • RE: Personal SIPP and tax

    Hi sorry I don't think my question makes sense. If my income is over 100k and I make a SIPP pension contribution, according to your guidance on website, my adjusted net income is reduced. This would then surely give me full personal allowance as income would be NOT over 100k? You have mentioned increasing 20% basic tax band with SIPP contribution which I understand but I want to understand personal allowance side of things
  • RE: Personal SIPP and tax

    Hi I have referred to that guidance but I am still not clear. Does basic rate tax band increase the personal allowance limit? Would appreciate your help in understanding this
  • RE: Personal SIPP and tax

    Thank you for your kind help. How does extending the 20% band link in with not reducing the £12,570 personal allowance threshold?
  • Personal SIPP and tax

    If I earn over 101k in total as my income from employment and contribute £2000 into SIPP would the £2000 be subtracted from 101k and then that amount be subtracted from full personal allowance of £12,570? Or is it simply a case that SIPP is only added to 20% tax rate band and should not be subtracted from gross income of 101k?