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  • RE: Can I download and use the SA100 (2023) form ?

    Hi Kevin Lloyd - thank you for your feedback. It was the most useful of all the posts on this thread. I will try the 123 e-filing third party software. I agree with everyone else who has posted here that it is extremely frustrating the way HMRC is not accommodating overseas residents regarding filing their tax returns.
  • Address for Paper SA for Overseas Resident - Leicester Tax Office Closed

    I reside overseas and file a paper tax return every year. I usually send my Self Assessment via post to the Leicester tax office (Saxon House, 1 Causeway Lane). I have been doing so for over 10 years. However, this year my courier service has informed me that this tax office HAS BEEN CLOSED DOWN. Which address should I send my paper tax return to?
  • Transfer of Jointly Held UK Property by Parents to Daughter - one parent to retain ownership

    I jointly own a UK property with my wife. I want to remove my name from the Title Deed and add my Daughter's name to the Title Deed as per Transfer of Equity. My wife is to retain her name on the Title Deed as is. So, the new Title Deed will have my wife's name and my daughter's name. No monies will exchange hands. The property does not have a mortgage. It is a Leasehold property. Current value of the property is approximately 150,000 pounds. I have been in touch with the Land Registry about this, and they advised that I should ask HMRC if any Stamp Duty/Land Tax will be payable despite no monies exchanging hands. So will any Stamp Duty/Land Tax be payable in this case? Also, will there be any Capital Gains Tax payable? The Land Registry has also stated that a "Land Transaction Return Certificate" will be required from HMRC to be submitted together with our application to the Land Registry. How do we get this Land Transaction Return Certificate from HMRC? Guidance will be highly appreciated as we are not clear at all on how to proceed.