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  • How to add loss on selling Foreign Stocks bought before moving to UK

    Hello, I moved to the UK partway through the tax year 2021/2022 and had foreign individual stocks in a US-based brokerage account. I sold all the stocks in December 2022, overall for a loss of ~1400 pounds. On self-assessment, do I fill out the capital gains one to claim the loss? Can I claim the loss on those stocks on my UK taxes, as I used the split-year tax treatment when moving over here and when I bought them. Or do they just count as foreign income, even though the income is negative?
  • Amending 2021/2022 For Forgetting to include Work Pension Contribution

    Hi, I filled out self-assessment for 2021/2022 using commerical software, as I lived in the US for part of it and had split-year tax treatment. After starting to prepare for my self-assessment 2022/2023, I realized I didn't include in my 2021/2022 return the pension contributions I made as part of my PAYE employer pension, and so I think I overpaid tax for last year by a significant amount. From what I understand, do I have to write a letter to HMRC and physically mail it with this information to get the overpaid tax returned/applied to my 2022/2023 taxes? Could I say in my 2022/2023 self-assessment that I overpaid last year? Or is there some other way of fixing the issue?