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  • interests , dividend calculation

    Hi, Given that 12570 personal allowance, 5000 start rate of saving, 1000 saving allowance, 1000 dividend allowance If the salary is 12570, the interests is 8000, the dividend is 10000, is it still ok to use the start rate of saving? Calculation 1: the tax will be 8000-5000-1000=2000 (interests) x 20% + 9000 (dividend) x 8.75% Calculation 2: cannot enjoy the start rate of saving, tax = 8000-1000=7000 (interests)x20% + 9000(dividend)x8.75% Which one is correct one?
  • RE: BNO

    My last payroll will be available at the end of the month which I will have arrived UK. In this last payroll. It will include the cash for not taking a annual leaves in this year up to my resignation and last year. Will they taxable given that the split year treatment is applied ?