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  • Class II NI cont. Gap years. Contracted Out thingy

    I'm due to retire in 2029 My SP summary tells me that I have 29 years of full contributions. There is a gap year - 16/17 - which could apparently be paid up for £475.50 by 5 April 2023 I called the "number" and spoke to a lovely lady. My question was, "how do I physically pay this shortfall?". The lovely lady, before answering this question, started to say that if I were to talk to HMRC it might be possible to pay said shirtfall based upon Class II NI. Just as the lovely lady was speaking the call failed (I was calling from Italy). So then, questions: 1) How does one "speak" to HMRC? Are we talking letters? 2) Assuming I'm resident in, for example, Italy may I pay Class II NI Conts? 3) If I were to commence the payment of Class II contributions would they contribute to the years remaining from now until 2023? 4) I seem to remember HSBD sending my statements for something called "Contracted Out", that was from way back when I worked full-time in the UK, up until 2004. What is that all about and is it of any use?