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  • RE: Split year treatment

    Dear HMRC Admin, I have already read the guidance note but not understand, therefore I raise the above questions to you. I have just the above 4 outstanding questions that require clarification, make I ask for your guidance please? Many thanks Regards Esther
  • RE: Split year treatment

    Hi HMRC Admin, I came from HK and arrived UK on 4 Aug 2021. I have confident that I can apply for split year treatment. I understand that I need to complete SA109, SA100 and SA102, but I have the following questions when I complete the forms: 1. For SA100, Box 9 (page 2 of SA100), may I know if I need to put "X" to the Yes box if I have HK income before landed UK (I have no other income apart from the permanent job in HK before Ianded UK? 2. For SA100, if answer for Q1 is "Yes", am I need to complete a separate supplementary pages (SA101) to report the income from Hong Kong (which is the income before I landed to UK, I do not have HK income after landed to UK) 3. For SA100, Box 8 (page 3 of SA100), may I know how to complete box 8? How do I know if I have state pension (I have a permanent job in UK started in Dec 2021, no other UK income apart from the permanent job) 4. For SA100, Box 11 (page 3 of SA100), should I fill in the total amount of pension my employer deducted from my salary during FY2020-2021?
  • RE: What forms am I missing?

    Hi, I have over GBP10,000 saving in bank account and generate some interest. I read through the UK Government webpage and know that I need to file a tax return. I already create an account for self-assessment; however, I can't find where I can file my saving interest. FYI, I arrived UK in early of Aug, this is the first year I created the self-assessment account, I never file any tax return before (except my employer deducted the PAYE, NI...from the salary directly each month). Many thanks!!! Regards, Esther
  • RE: expenses on the house rental

    Hi, I will have a house to rent out soon. I can foresee there will be some expenses on the house routine maintenance. May I know if those expenses can be used to off-set the rental income so that I will pay less tax (rental income tax)? Thanks! Cheers, 
  • RE: Split year treatment start date of UK part

    Hi HMRC, FY2021-2022 I arrived UK on 5th Aug 2021. Start a NHS job on 13th Dec 2021. NHS deducted pension, NI and PAYE from my salary each month. I have some saving interest from bank. Since I only worked for 3.5 months in FY2021-2022, my income (salary + bank interest) shouldn't excess the personal allowance of GBP125,000. May I know if I need to submit any tax return? If yes, which form I need to complete? FY2022-2023 I will continue to work in NHS for the full year of FY22-23. I will have some saving interest from bank. The total income (salary + bank interest) will excess the personal allowance GBP12,500. May I know if I need to submit a tax return? If yes, which form I need to complete? Many thanks! Cheers, 
  • RE: Split year treatment

    Hi My status is as below 1. Landed in UK on 5 Aug 2021 and continue to stay in UK (over 183 days in 2021-2022) 2. Have a job in Hong Kong and resigned on 2 Aug 2021 (i.e. before I landed in UK) 3. No working from 3 Aug 2021 to 12 Dec 2021. 4. Work in NHS from 13 Dec 2021 onwards. NHS deducts NI, pension and PAYE from my salary every month 5. I have no other incomes apart from the salary from NHS. My questions: 1. Since NHS already deduct tax from my salary and I checked that the deduction is correct, may I know if I still need to submit any tax form (e.g. SA109, SA100, SA102) to HMRC?? 2. I have already settled the tax to HK government for the HK income before I landed to UK (5 Aug 2021), am I still need to report my HK income to HMRC? Will there be any tax I need to pay to HMRC because of my HK income before land to UK? Many thanks!!
  • RE: Split year treatment

    Hi I landed to UK on 4 Aug 2021 by using BNO visa (over 183 days in 2020-21). I have a permeant job in Hong Kong which worked until 1 Aug 2021. After arrival to UK, I have no job unit 13 Dec 2021. I continue to work this job until now. PAYE, NI A and Pension are deducted automatically from my monthly salary. I have no other income apart from my job in UK. I read the information from this forum. Sometime said it require to complete SA100 together with SA109. Sometimes said need to register for self-assessment. I am very confusing the step in applying split year treatment. So, it would be much appreciated if you can answer my questions below:- 1. Please show the step how to apply for split year treatment (e.g. which form I need to complete, online submission or need to complete in paper and send by post) 2. Any guideline in completing the relevant form?? Thank you!