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  • RE: SATR Refund - No Option to 'Request Repayment'

    Are you suggesting I call the helpline to get my refund, get the repayment option added to my account or both? Is this a known problem? Thanks.
  • SATR Refund - No Option to 'Request Repayment'

    I have submitted a SATR on 31/1/23, which showed a tax overpayment. This page states: To claim a refund, go to ‘Request a repayment’ from the left-hand menu within your HMRC online account. Allow 4 weeks for your refund to be sent to your bank account. I don't have a left-hand menu and I don't see a 'request a repayment' option anywhere? I also do not see any entries under 'check progress' of a form, which I'd expected to show the status of my SATR. (I do see the receipt elsewhere for the SATR filed 31/1/23.) This process for refunds seems to be a significant change from previous years, where bank details for a refund were previously requested by HMRC in the SATR form itself and everything was automated. It doesn't seem that these changes for 2021/22 have been communicated very well.
  • P60 NICs and Self-Assessment

    I think this is of little or no consequence for my SATR. I am NOT self-employed. My employer moved my employment to another company under its ownership during a tax year. This is reflected correctly for Pay and Tax Deducted on my P60 because both employments are listed. The NICs section on the P60 only shows contributions during my current employment, so it's unlikely the NICs from the previous employment have been lost. It's just that they are not shown on the P60. How can I check this with HMRC? I'd also like to check the NICs missing from my P60 for the previous employment in the same tax year do not have any consequence for the SATR already filed. As far as I can tell, the SATR does not make any allowance for NICs paid or due (when NOT self-employed). Is this correct?
  • RE: RSU Tax Withholding when not included on P60

    Thanks. How do I claim overpayment relief for 2018/19 and 2019/20? Can this be made via an entry in the resubmitted 2020/21 SATR? Or maybe I need to write to HMRC? It's a bit disappointing about 2017/18. I'd imagine this time restriction only applies to the claimant and not HMRC!
  • RSU Tax Withholding when not included on P60

    I've done a lot of searching online for what appears to be unusual circumstances. My P60 includes the gross taxable value of RSU awards in my Total Pay. However, the figure shown on my P60 for Tax Deducted does not include the amount withheld by my employer to settle tax due on the RSUs. This forum and other sources online suggest the appropriate action is to claim tax relief on the RSU withholding by my employer as follows: 1. Use the Foreign Income section when tailoring my SATR 2. On page 1, declare the RSU gross income and tax paid / withholding by my employer. 3. On page 2, list the amount of tax relief to be claimed as equivalent to the tax paid / withholding by my employer entered on page 1. Questions: i) Is the above process correct? ii) It seems a little curious because my employer in the UK is a subsidiary of a US multi-national, so I specified the 'foreign' income source as the UK? (All values on my payslip are specified in GBP.) iii) I'm assuming I can only claim tax relief on the 'tax' withholding and not the additional amount used to settle my employer's NICs (my liability)? iv) This matter has only just come to light. It was confusing because I was aware the RSU income had always been included in my P60, yet I was unaware the withholding by my employer was excluded. I'd now like to resubmit SATRs for 4 earlier years, starting in 2017/18. How far back can this be done using my SATR online account? Would it be easier to prepare a letter for HMRC with all the documentary evidence over the 4 years (payslips, P60)? Thanks for your help.