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  • Self-assessment tax return -loss from property income

    Hi, For self-assessment tax return 2021-22, I entered the income from the properties and the expenses. The property was empty and not generating any income for 3 months, but it was rented out for 9 months. Should I enter the Total rental income for the 9 months only? OR Should I enter the Total rents for the 12 months and declare a loss £££ of income for the 3 months? IF yes, then what is the name of the field that I should enter the loss of income?
  • RE: Landlord to pay National Insurance

    I have a similar situation, I rent out 2 properties (not a company) and I am also employed full-time. In the self-assessment tax return, I enter the details from the P60 and the profit from properties with expenses. I had to make 3 payments, that is: - Payment due -First payment on account - Second payment on account Question 1: Does this include NIC 4 ? I understand from @HMRC Admin 19 that I should not pay NIC4. Question 2: Is there a way to stop the Self-assessment tax return from taking 2 advanced payments.
  • Tax code notice & medical insurance benefit

    When I file my self-assessment tax return for 2021-22 I enter the details from P60 (from my permanent employment) and I enter the income from the rented property. The company I work for pays the yearly medical insurance, which is shown on the P11d as £,££ but it is not shown on the P60. However, I have the Tax code notice from HMRC for year-end 5 April 2021, that shows: - Less Medical Insurance £,££ - Total Tax-free amount ££,£££ - tAX CODE ££££L Does this mean that I don't have to declare the medical insurance benefit from my employer in the self-assessment tax return?