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  • RE: Change the way I get access code (HMRC app)

    Having found this forum I now know that I am not alone! But how many who wish to complete their tax return on-line will change their phone number each year? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? It is a joke that one needs to use a personal piece of information to gain access in order to be able to change that piece of information. Who is responsible for the design of this software which is clearly not fit for purpose now, and has not been fit for purpose for at least 12 months? Is someone fixing this? ADVICE: Ring On-Line Services Help Desk 0300 200 3600 ... they could help me. I was asked several questions about my account (some of them historical) but in the end On-Line Services were able to delete my old phone number. Then I went through the sequence of creating my new phone number (this was probably part of registration many years ago) and then after a short wait the access code was sent to my new number. Why is it not possible to have a button that allows the user to delete the existing phone number for receipt of the access code and then go through the process of asking the user to create a new phone number using software code and a user interface that already exists?