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  • RE: Class 3 NI voluntary contributions 18 digit code

    Many thanks HMRC Admin 19 for your comment. I'm slightly confused though: prior to your reply, I had actually got through to an adviser over the phone. She was very kind and helpful and also checked and confirmed that my CF83 form had been received. She gave me the code you mentioned (formed by the NI etc) and I was about to pay for the year 2016-17 when I read your comment. If I've understood correctly, I cannot use the 18 digit code I have been given as in 2016-17 I was still resident in the U.K. (although I was unemployed). So do I need to phone and get a different code? Many thanks
  • Class 3 NI voluntary contributions 18 digit code

    Hello Is the 18 digit code to make a voluntary contribution payment always the same? It is impossible to get through to check with someone. I wish to fill the gap for the year 2016 before the deadline in April. I have an 18 digit code from an old payment to fill a gap in another year but I am unsure if I can use the same number. Also, I have sent the form necessary to pay the voluntary contributions from abroad on 12/01/2023 but I have no mean of checking if this has been received and acknowledged. I can see I can pay the missing contributions for the year 2016 online in the section making a payment from abroad but I can't proceed without the 18 digit code. Many thanks
  • RE: voluntary NI contributions

    May I jump on this thread to ask if this 18 digits number is always the same, regardless of which gaps one is try to fill? To get it on the phone is impossible at the moment as lines are extremely busy. Thanks
  • Paying class 3 NI Voluntary Contributions when living abroad

    Hello I am a dual British Italian citizen. Whilst living in the UK I was paying Class 3 NI voluntary contributions to fill gaps as I only have 27 years which count towards my state pension. My question is if I can still keep on paying the Class 3 contributions and what happens when I reach pensionable age in 2033. Many thanks