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  • RE: Covid and "working from home tax relief" - how to claim

    I would like to know this, too. Do I put £312 in this box or just the 40% of it (£124.8)? How does HMRC know that this amount if for WFH?
  • HICBC - Child benefit received calculated too high?

    Good evening, I need to to a self-assessment due to receiving child benefit and earning over £50K. In the section "High Income Child Benefit Charge", the calculator states a total amount of £1,855, claiming I have received 13 payments. Checking my bank statements, I have received 12 payments in the period from April 6, 2020 until April 5, 2021, totalling £1,679.40 (rounded down to £1,679.00). If have stated that the figure of £1,855 calculated is incorrect and given my bank statement as document of evidence. I feel I am missing something here - why does the calculator claim an amount of £1,855 if I have not received this amount by a long shot?
  • Question on section " Underpaid tax and other debts"

    Good evening! I am confused about this section - I am employed and need to do a self-assessment due to High Income Child Benefit Charge. In the section "Underpaid tax and other debts - Page 1 of 2", I am asked for underpaid tax for earlier years as per my 2020-21 Notice of Coding. As opposed to examples online and the HMRC video on it, I do not get any values to select and confirm (not even a zero). My notice of coding does not show anything here. Can this be correct? In the same section, page 2 of 2, I also do not get any amounts to select, just the text box to enter a value. My coding notice shows "Estimated tax you owe (this year)" of £200, which apparently got collected by an adjustment to reduce my tax-free allowance so "that the £200 is paid by 5 April 2021". Do I need to put this amount in this box on page 2 of 2, or do I put zero because it already seems to have been collected? Please advise! I am very confused over this. Best, Gerhard
  • RE: Are my PAYE Coding Notices available online please

    I was looking for those coding notices as well - and no, I cannot see them on my Personal Tax Account, at least it's not obvious. If they are there (which they should be), it would be great to provide the path to where to find them, please.