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  • UK Citizen, Working outside UK

    I am a UK Citizen and working outside UK about 11 months every year. At the same time, I have rental income from my UK apartment. I guess I am not a UK Tax resident. I understand I have to pay UK tax for my UK rental income but do I need to pay income tax for my salary outside UK ?
  • Pension, Personal Allowance & Starting Rate of Saving

    Hi I hope you are doing well. I am a retiree and have two income sources - Pensions and Bank Interest \ Bond Interest Pensions income due to double taxation treaty is only required to be taxable in the country where I immigrated from. In my understanding, my pension income is not necessary to be declared in the tax return. The total of my annual Bank Interest & Bond Interest = GBP 20000 can I add up the following allowance to set off the above taxable income ? Personal Allowance - 12570 Starting Rate of Saving - 5000 Personal Saving Allowance - 1000 Total is 18570. So, if my above calculation is correct, My income tax should be GBP 20000 - 18750 = 1250. Tax will be 1250 x 20% = 250. Am I correct ? Thx for your attention
  • Double Taxation Relief, Pension & Tax on savings interest

    According to the Double Taxation Agreement, my monthly pension will not be taxed in UK. My question is when I calculating my tax on saving interest, can I use the starting rate of savings ? that is GBP 5,000. If not, which income tax band I am belonged to ?
  • Status of Self Assessment for Retired People

    I am a retired person but with bank interest earned monthly, In filling the self assessment return, what is my status, self-employed or not self-employed. Thanks for your attentions