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  • Further exceptions to making a Self Assessment tax return claim for the remittance basis

    Per the 9.27 Further exceptions to making a Self Assessment tax return claim for the remittance basis stated in Guidance note for residence, domicile and the remittance basis: RDR1 (, does it mean if i am a non-domiciled and live in UK within 7 years and zero income/interest earned in UK and never remit any foreign income into UK, then I dont need to file the SA even I have foreign income? Thanks!
  • SA109

    Assumed that I am qualified to claim under remittance basis (non-domicile), I have a question when I am filing the SA109 even I read lot of HMRC articles and links before sending this thread. In the Box 34 of SA109, it requires me to input a figure into "Amount of income you are nominating" since I put "X" in Box 28. But I dont understand what is the true meaning of "Amount of income you are nominating" . Does it mean the unremitted foreign income? Thanks!
  • Register for Self Assessment

    I m the first time to register for self assessment as I have foreign investment income need to report to HMRC. In the registration webpage, it need me to choose “register if you’re self employed” or “register if you're not self-employed”, which one should I choose? I just have foreign investment income under my personal investment account and I dont work for any job or never hold any business. Please advise. Thanks!
  • Cash gift from overseas parent

    I and my daughter are UK resident but non-dom. I have generated foreign income and choose remittance basis in tax reporting and thus I dont need to pay any tax if I dont remit any income into UK. I generally pay family money to my parents who are US citizen and not UK resident. If my parents later give cash gift to me or my daughter in US and I remit such cash gift to UK (not mixed fund), then whether I need to report such cash gift in my UK self assessment? Thanks!