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  • Huge penalty notice for a SA form i submitted- please i need advise

    Hi I was living abroad from july 2016 to july 2018 and i was renting out my UK property during this time. I was filling in my tax returns and sending them paper ones as required. I moved back to the UK and back into my house in the July of 2018. I filled in a paper tax return for the tax year april 2018-april 2019 and sent it off in July/August 2019 (had to be paper). I have since lost the reciept as it was so long ago. As I only earned around £500 that tax year in total in the UK from the rent i knew I owed no tax. I didn't hear anything back from HMRC so assumed all was fine as I owed no tax anyway. Then in Sept 2019 I moved into my parents house up north and sold my house. i updated the address on HMRC government gateway system to my parents one. Still didn't hear anything. I was employed and on PAYE and not self employed or renting ay property out so I forgot about it. Never received any letter so thought it was all fine. Then today .......nearly 3 years on I received a letter forwarded to me by the new owners of my old house. The letter was passed to my old neighbour who i have recently got back in touch with. It wasfrom HMRC and it was a late filing penalty fee for over £2300. I cannot get though on the phone or on the online chat today being the busiest time of the year. How can i be charged that much for not filing a form that i did post and why are the letters being sent to my old address when I have updated the address and it is on the system ? I am really worried. I have 3 kids and a house to pay for. No extra money at the end of the month and they have been adding on £300 a month for over a year. How can they let it accumulate this high? Without checking the address? Please has anyone got any advise until I can get through to them?