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  • self funded part-time PhD, Out of work. What council tax should I be paying?

    So I haven't been i work for a long time. I have got some saving but they are getting low I can support myself for another year but hopefully I will be getting PIP for my Autism, Depression, ADHD and Anxiety but these things are never garenteed. I'm about to move to Stevanage with a friend who will also be searching for work but I belive he ahs already found a place. While im searching for a work in a time of COVID-19 might take longer than usual also with my absence from the work force for 11 years is a big plus to that so while searching for work I can work towards my PhD but I was wondering what sort of council tax will I have to pay for part-time education when unemployed? Is their some sort of calculator or forumula I can use to work this out? Thank you.