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  • Unable to contact you

    Hi, I moved abroad and I am unable to call you without spending a fortune on the call. I was advised to send a letter which I did but that letter was ignored and I received no response. I tried using your webchat but it always says that everyone is busy and that I should wait. I have waited long enough. I have waited for over a month. I wish to be able to actually speak to someone about the issue I have with my tax refund. How can this be accommodated?
  • Pension contributions refund + tax refund

    Hello, This tax year I earned less than £12,570 (approximately £9000). I left the UK and I claimed the tax refund. However, shortly after I received my pension contribution refund as well. On the paper they sent me it stated that my member contributions were: £3500 tax deducted 20% on refund amount up to £20.000 which is £700 and that the net refund is £2800 - this is the amount I received. With the £9000 already earned and the additional £3500 I am still below the taxable amount, therefore I thought I am entitled to claim that £700 back. I called the tax line and I was told otherwise. The lady talked about authorised and unauthorised payments and that I am not eligible for the refund. Perhaps she is right, perhaps I was not clear when I explained my situation and was misunderstood. I read about authorised and unauthorised payments and they only mentioned 15% or 40% tax. I was taxed 20%, which I can clearly see on the papers I received and since altogether the money I received this year was below £12.570 I thought I was still eligible for the refund (even if I already claimed one not knowing I will receive additional payments). Could someone knowledgeable please confirm if in this case I am entitled to a second refund on the additional funds that I received? Thank you.