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  • RE: Claim portion of mortgage interest as expense or not

    Thanks, I'm seeing from your answer that part of the house would have to be exclusively used for business for it to attract capital gains. So in my case the shared use nature of my house means I would still qualify for Private Residence Relief. "So a room which is used partly for business purposes and partly for residential purposes will qualify in full for relief."
  • Claim portion of mortgage interest as expense or not

    I'm self-employed and work from home. I understand I could claim the business use portion of my mortgage interest as an expense. But this would then make me liable for capital gains on my house when I sell it. How does the capital gains work? I understand it's about the gain you made (selling price - purchase price) but would I only pay capital gains on the business portion? Is it best to not claim mortgage interest as an expense to avoid capital gains?