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  • Basic PAYE Tools Question. Prior Year Adjustment

    Is there a way to amend an FPS submission for an individual using Basic PAYE Tools for the 2020/2021 year when the original FPS submission was made using other PAYE software? As an example, we submit tax to date figure of £1000.00 for Mr Smith using HMRC approved PAYE software 'X'. For various reasons we need to correct that figure and we can not use software 'X' to make the amendment. We are now in the current tax year (2021/2022). Mr Smith does not exist on Basic PAYE Tools. Is there a way to add him to Basic Tools and submit an amendment to the 2020/2021 tax year (even though he has no existing entry on Basic Tools)? We have tried but can not see a way to do this. Thanks.
  • Overpayment

    We have overpaid someone. We have realised the error and are in the process of recovering the payment from the individual but have not recovered it yet. Should we report the correct Pay and Tax to Date figures now (before we have recovered the payment)? Or is the correct process to wait until we have physically recovered the payment. There is a risk (small) we may not be able to recover the payment.
  • Is a 'Final Submission for Year' EPS still required?

    Hello HMRC. We are a large third party payroll provider. We normally indicate our final year submission using EPS files. As it is now possible to submit FPS files back into the 20/21 tax year during the 21/22 tax year (and for the 5 years after that) do we still need to indicate a final FPS submission (using an EPS file)? If yes, what is the deadline for doing this. We use EPS files as our in house software can not indicate final submission on an FPS file. Thanks.