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  • Correcting payment date in Basic Payroll Tools

    We have realised that we have accidently processed the last pay run with the incorrect date and are struggling to correct it on BPT. It is a monthly payroll and the date entered was 6/9/2022, but it should have been 5/9/2022. It should have been in month 5 (6/8/2022-5/9/2022), but being entered as the 6th means it has incorrectly gone into month 6. Unfortunately this wasn't spotted until after the submission was made. If we now run the wages for 5/10/2022 as normal it will mean we have one payment a normal in tax month 4, nothing in tax month 5, and double pay in tax month 6. While the tax will sort itself our, the employees will not get their NIC allowance for month 5, so it needs correcting. There seems to be various ways to correct errors in BPT, but no way we can find of correcting the slip up on the date, as none of the options let you change the date (well, one does, but it won't let us set it to a day earlier, only a later date). Any help/ideas would be gratefully received.