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  • RE: Informing HMRC about leaving the U.K.

    @HMRC Admin 17 Thank you. I appreciate it, and knowing there are no implications helps with settling my mind on the move.
  • RE: Informing HMRC about leaving the U.K.

    Hello HMRC, I left the UK 11 years ago and at that time I didn't know and had nobody to advise me that I should inform the HMRC I was leaving. I have a question. What do I need to do? Can I file a P85 for the tax year I left? I am concerned now about the implications on not having declared I was leaving, even though I didn't make a conscious effort to not inform the HMRC. I was simply an unhappy and depressed kid who wanted to leave and also held a US passport, so decided to go. I am asking, because after 11 years I am planning to return to the UK. I had left permanently, but I no longer want to reside in the United States for my own safety and due to the health of some family back in the UK. I have a different perspective on life now and want to return. I am sure there are others in this situation who want to return to the UK. Thank you
  • RE: Money transfer

    Hello HMRC Team, I am a Dual National with British and United States citizenship. I left the United Kingdom in 2011. I have been a resident of the United States for 11 years and have returned to the UK for only short visits over time. I have money that I have put away over the pandemic and I have already been taxed on this money in the United States. I plan in the near future to move back to the United Kingdom. My question is this. I would like to move this money to the UK and need to know if I will need to pay UK taxes or declare it when I do? I will be transferring the money prior to moving to the UK as I close bank accounts and tie up my affairs in the United States. This is money in a bank account and is not in investments or any asset that gains in value. My research shows that, because I have been out of the UK for over 11 consecutive years and have not earned money in the UK for the whole of the 11 years I have been a non-uk resident, I should not have to pay taxes on this money again. Can you help me to clarify this? I plan to use the money to buy a house once I am back and to restart my life in the UK, so it would be a huge benefit if I don't have to pay additional taxes on this money. I understand that the UK and US also have a tax treaty to help with double taxation.