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  • Incorrect total income

    Hello. I have earnt 10.475.00. And yet my calculation says the total is 00.00 can someone please tell me exactly the email I need to send to get this sorted please? Not a link to a generic giant list of FAQs . I earnt 10.475. but my total is 00.00? Can someone help thank you
  • RE: tax refund

    hello the plot thickens. how is my total income received 10475....what is my perrsonal allowence of 12.500....I thought that is how much i can earn before tax... and yet my total income is 00.00\?
  • tax refund

    ive completed my self assesment. hello, i earned about 9000, and received 2800 in seiiss payments. should i be expecting a tax refund? it looks like they think i owe them 85 quid.