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  • RE: Certificate of residence in the UK (UK / South Africa DTA)

    Thank you very much. The online application requests the Article number of the Double Taxation Agreement between the UK and South Africa which applies. I'm not sure which Article applies in this case (transfer of Retirement Annuity Funds). Please can you advise which Article number to fill in?
  • Certificate of residence in the UK (UK / South Africa DTA)

    Hello, I moved to the United Kingdom from South Africa in 2011. I have lived and worked in the UK since and paid UK tax here. I have submitted a self assessment return every year since I have lived in the UK. I still have Retirement Annuity Funds in South Africa which I am arranging to be transferred to the UK. As part of the process the South African Revenue Service (SARS) requires a certificate of residence/letter of confirmation to verify that I am a UK tax payer. My queries are: 1. Will HMRC issue a certificate/letter for the full period since 2011 to the present or is there a limit as to how far back the certificate will be issued? 2. Will one certificate/letter be issued for the past period to present date or will a separate certificate/letter be issued for each tax year? 3. I can either apply online or by emailing a form - which option is better in terms of current processing time? 4. The form asks for the number of days spent outside the UK - would I enter the number of days spent outside the UK in total from 2011 to present or do I need to provide this for each tax year? Many thanks