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  • RE: De-enrolling from CDS on Government Gateway

    Took an age to get through but I finally spoke to a very helpful lady on the VAT online services team. Apparently there should be a tab at the top of the CDS financial dashboard (next to the messages tab) to manage the account. Mine was missing. Anyway the helpful lady was able to deregister the gateway account from CDS and I need to wait 48 hours before trying again to register on the correct gateway. Many thanks whoever you were. If you have access to the PVA side you also seem to have access to the CDS financial dashboard but you need to get to that page and not the PVA page. Not sure if the link above will work as I had already done this before that was posted.
  • RE: De-enrolling from CDS on Government Gateway

    The help link on which government gateway page please? Can you be specific about where the link to deregister from CDS should be? link or pathway please.
  • RE: De-enrolling from CDS on Government Gateway

    Just as an update to my comment above I have contacted the email given and have been told that we can de-register through the Gateway website via the "manage account" tab, but I have had no response to my follow up query about how to do this.
  • RE: De-enrolling from CDS on Government Gateway

    Did you ever find out how to do this?
  • Do I need another EORI number? new vat number

    Our company was vat registered and had an EORI number associated with that vat registration. This has been replaced by a new vat number as the company now leads a vat group. I note the old EORI number is still showing as valid. Do I need to set up a new EORI as our vat number has changed?
  • RE: correction of Import vat clearance errors

    I am confused by your answer, perhaps you could clarify further? The imports have all the correct information/paperwork and should be VAT zero rated for import under VAT schedule 8 group 15 (notice 701/6). Despite this errors are being made with the import declarations which I have no control over and only find out when I get the documents from the shipper. I am then raising the issue with them, and receive the response above. The vat is related to non-business activities of the charity and as such is not usually recoverable even if it is on the c79. Does the import error somehow make the vat recoverable? and if so what evidence is required for this? Once this error is made what is the correct way to correct it please?
  • correction of Import vat clearance errors

    As a charity vat is not a recoverable cost, we are also experiencing a very high error rate re our zero rated imports being charged vat at 20% in error. When we raise the issue the below is a typical response. Please clarify how should these errors be corrected? "We regret the shipment has been cleared incorrectly however unfortunately, HM Revenue & Customs will not amend any VAT entries, where the item has cleared against a GB VAT number; this is regardless of who was at fault for the clearance error. You would need to claim the VAT back on your next VAT return We trust that this clarifies the matter for you. However, if you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind Regards Clearance Dispute Broker FedEx Express"
  • DDP incoterms and postponed vat statement

    If I make a purchase from a UK supplier and I am charged UK vat by that supplier on their invoice. They then drop ship to me from outside the UK using ddp incoterms. The import vat should be on the UK suppliers postponed import vat statement, and not mine. Is this correct?
  • RE: Postponed Import VAT - Charity issue

    Thank you for the response. I have been sending a monthly email to every contact I can find at fedex and copying in our account manager for more than 6 months. Yet still the PVA keeps happening. There needs to be another way to sort this out. Please confirm what HMRC expect to be done to correct errors on the postponed VAT statement such as the transactions which should be zero rated on import but have VAT declared in error. All of our import paperwork is correct, and the error is clearly with fedex.
  • Postponed Import VAT - Charity issue

    As a Charity we have instructed fedex not to use postponed import vat for our imports as the guidance from HMRC now says that postponed VAT accounting cannot be used for non-business imports for charities. However despite our repeated instructions things keep getting put on with postponed import vat. Its proving impossible to get fedex to correct this either. Our VAT returns are being submitted with the correct figures. To make matters worse some of the imports should be zero rated under under VAT schedule 8 group 15 (notice 701/6) and the vat has been declared incorrectly. Please advise if there is a way to block our EORI from having postponed import vat allocated against it? Is there a way to get our postponed import VAT statements corrected?