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  • Returning good to EU (consumer)

    I purchased some personal goods from Germany and I wish to return them. They are unused and seller has agreed the return. When the goods first arrived, I paid Parcelforce appx £150 customs charge to release the parcel to me. Which process can I use to apply for a refund of the customs charge? google search gives lots of advice for how businesses handle returns, but it's not clear re consumers.
  • Parcelforce receipt

    I recently imported goods from Germany and had to pay Parcelforce appx £150 to release the parcel. I would be able to claim this back from my employer, however my employer requires a receipt. Parcelforce refuse to provide a receipt, saying that all they provide is the sticker on the box. Customs say to contact parcelforce, parcelforace say to contact customs. I went further with Parcelforce and got to their senior management, but all they way through they simply refuse to provide a receipt / invoice. Who's right?