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  • SDLT rate when being bare owner of a property and sb else has the usufruct

    Hello, My name is in the land registry/deeds of my parents' house in Austria (jointly with my sister), but my parents have the usufruct, i.e. sole interest in the property, which means I have currently no right to possess/occupy the house, sell it or gain any rental income from it. They are in their mid-60s, so it is anticipated that the situation will remain unchanged for at least 10-20 more years. Now I would like to buy a property in the UK together with my partner (who is a first time buyer). Am I correct in saying that this means we would either need to pay the first time buyer rate (as technically I do not possess or fully own the property) or the normal rate, but not the "additional property" rate, considering I have no legal rights to do anything with my parents' house (e.g. sell it or get rental income as they have the sole right to it)? I already sent a letter to the SDLT technical team on the 25th July, but have not yet received a response. I also talked to an advisor on the phone via the SDLT helpline. Unfortunately, he told me that he is not qualified to make any statements on the case, and that I need to send a letter to the technical team. Could please somebody from the technical team send a reply or e-mail me, or could I please get any direct contact details? Thank you very much. Kind regards, Petra