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  • Hi  I also find the tax return system is not user-friendly, I could not file the tax return online c

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  • Self Assessment refund delays

    HMRC's unacceptable delay in refunding my overpaid tax is a cause of significant financial worry for me. My request for refund was confirmed on the 10th of July 2023. I use the online portal to communicate. The payment shows in my Personal Tax Account as Pending. The refund request confirmation states that (Paraphrase) - "HMRC aim to refund in 2 weeks or if additional security procedures are used, upto 4 weeks. Do not contact us before 4 weeks. The Self-Assessment phoneline is closed until the 4th of September. What?! Working with the Online chat I get such an impersonal service it makes it almost impossible to communicate effectively. Finally on attempt 3 I get through to someone a little more helpful, however, they are unable to progress anything because the Additional Security Checks are carried out by another department and they cannot contact or comment on the activities there. Just unacceptable! Then comes the threat that continuing to pursue HMRC could lead to further delays... When attempting to Challenge the verdict of Chat operator, all I get is a message saying "XXX has exited the Chat". This would be exactly the same as having the phone put down on me. Rude! Also, I have been told that the current set of Security delays could impact the refund upto September 25th. In chat number 2 I was told 10th October, so which might I believe? If HMRC feel it acceptable to end the discussion when the verdict is given, surely a consistent verdict is required in such a binary transaction? What will HMRC do to compensate me for the missed investment opportunity this delay is causing, or lost personal opportunity? Will interest be added? Ultimately, this cannot be considered an acceptable level of service. My cash is being with held by HMRC for no fault of my own, without the right to do so, and seemingly also outside of the advice given in HMRC communication. Is there a serious problem here? Is there a resource issue that needs addressing? When will the information provided by HMRC be consistent, correct and adhered to by HMRC? In order to support HMRC, I am happy to contact my local MP and request Questions be raised in the House if HMRC has some fundamental operating issues . What would HMRC wish me to contact my MP about, where is my support most helpful and on which specific topics? Please confirm so I can be most helpful. Finally, when should I expect you to release my very hard earned money? Note: My Money. What a shambles...