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  • RE: Tax refund to Agen

    Like so many of you on here I received a message from Brooksdale informing me of a Tax Refund they had received for me from HMRC. I made contact with a HMRC who confirmed they had forwarded the funds to Brooksdale. I had never heard of them. HMRC told me they had received a signed authorisation for from me, I asked for a copy and found that my signature had been forged, it looked nothing like my signature and even misspelt. HMRC told me there was nothing they could do and I had to report it to Action Fraud which I did, only to be told that this is not a reportable crime. So the criminals win, take our money and HMRC are aware of this scam and just hand over our money willingly?! Clearly crime does pay. I am absolutely staggered at the response I have received, the lack of help and incredulous that they are not prepared to do anything about it!