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  • RE: Overseas cash expenses

    Hi, Thank you for replying. I’ve made the filing but your reply makes me more confused. It says on that link “There are no rules on how you must keep records.” So despite wanting to keep all the records I don’t know at this stage how to demonstrate (i) I purchased items using cash (ii) from a foreign trader operating outside UK! They gave me an invoice and when I paid cash, a letter saying “thanks for paying £xx”! If I need more from them I need to know because how else do we know our record keeping is good enough for HMRC? :/
  • RE: Overseas cash expenses

    Is there anybody here who can help? The deadline is approaching and I don’t know if these expenses are something I can claim. Phone lines are always busy. Wish I could spend money on accounting but times are tough.
  • Overseas cash expenses

    Hello, how to best document cash expenses on purchase of goods and services for my business from overseas parties? What’s required to demonstrate that I paid for these items in cash and the expenses are for my business in UK?