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  • RE: Basic PAYE Tools on Mac doesn't install or update

    I dunno what the official fix is - the friendly HMRC support agent wasn't able to figure it out - but I did some experimenting and found out a fix. My existing installation PAYE Tools app is located in: /Applications/HMRC/payetools-rti/ But after trying the PAYE Tools installer on a new Mac the app gets put here: /Applications/Basic PAYE So I zipped up the old app (/Applications/HMRC) and deleted that folder and ran the installer again and ran the new app which is now located in: /Applications/Basic PAYE It seems to be picking up the data from my home folder now which is why I believe it's safe to delete /Applications/HMRC (I stilled made a zipped copy of it): /Users/My Username/HMRC This is purely my own experience, I am not part of HMRC, this is not official HMRC advice, at your own risk etc.
  • Basic PAYE Tools on Mac doesn't install or update

    I'm running Basic Paye Tools 21.1.21106.209 - it keeps asking me to update it. I've run the update installer many times and even tried an install on a Mac without Basic Paye Tools - the installer completes fine and says *Successfully installed* but it doesn't seem to update or install the app at all. Is there a known issue with the latest version of this app?