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  • RE: DIY self-build VAT refund delays

    Hi Paul, If you look at the post I started & last updated approx 11 days ago it shows my journey of reclaiming the VAT. It took just over 6 months in total & 4 months to be acknowledged. I know it doesn’t help your situation, but it gives you an idea of expectations re timescales. Good Luck
  • RE: Self-Build VAT Refund (DIY Team)

    An update on my claim. I have today received the full amount from HMRC. My claim was submitted in mid January. I received my acknowledgment at the beginning of May, the letter stated that it would be around 6 weeks to be checked and then 4 weeks to be paid out, so 10 weeks in total. It’s actually taken 13 weeks from acknowledgement, and 29 weeks from submission. I chased it up approx 5 weeks after acknowledgement and was told they were working on cases acknowledged in March. I chased again in mid-July to see how far they had moved forward and was advised that they were working on those submitted in mid-April, so they had moved forward by approx same length of time from my previous call. I did mention that we were being charged interest on credit cards that the claim monies were due to pay off, and the assistant said, in that case he’d try and get it prioritised. Not sure if he did, but just over a week later, I got the invoices back with a letter confirming the claim had been completed and the monies would be sent out within the next 4 weeks. That was 29th July and monies received today.
  • RE: diy self build vat

    Nobody will tell you how long this process is taking, and won’t apologise for the delays either. They have an “it takes as long as it takes - not my fault” attitude. I called to chase my claim on 16th June, and was told someone would call me back on afternoon of 22nd June as no-one was available until then. On the call back I was told that my claim had been confirmed as for a valid reason, but they were now dealing with claims acknowledged in March, so it would be a few weeks. My claim was submitted in January, but receipt not acknowledged until the beginning of May. So we are now approaching 26 weeks since it was submitted, and 9 weeks since it was acknowledged. Fortunately we are in a lucky position with not much carried forward on credit, but it’s money we need to clear debts and finish off works we haven’t been able to finish without the cash.
  • RE: No response from Self Build VAT refund

    have you had your claim settled yet? I've just received a letter acknowledging the claim I made in Jan (16 weeks ago now!), the letter states 6 weeks to look at, then 4 weeks to make payment. Is this realistic or can I expect payment sooner than in 10 weeks time?
  • RE: diy self build vat

    submitted my claim & receipts in mid January, and have just received a letter acknowledging receipt and giving a reference number. the letter implies it will take a further 6 weeks to look at, and then 4 weeks to pay! That will end up as around 6 months since I submitted them, which is disgraceful really. Surely they are aware that most people who have gone through this process have spent a lot of money building their houses and need to recoup this as soon as possible to pay off loans/credit cards etc
  • RE: No response from Self Build VAT refund

    When I contacted them, I was advised that it was taking around 14 weeks to process the claims. This timescale is up shortly for mine, but you give me no confidence that it will be done in this time. Surely they should record/register them in date order so they know what they have to deal with, and so the "customers" know they have been received. I appreciate that with COVID, processing times may have increased but everyone should now be back working in offices and trying to resolve these backlogs. Most people need this money urgently in the current economic circumstances.
  • Self-Build VAT Refund (DIY Team)

    Can you tell me what is the current response time on Self-Build VAT refund requests? Submitted a claim approx 10 weeks ago and not had any acknowledgement/reference number or anything - only proof I've got is Royal Mail tracking proof (sent by Special Delivery)