Background info: My mother is 87 and owns a flat which she has let to tenants since the 1950s. (Bought for around £500 now worth approximately £180,000). She is now quite frail & housebound so I (her daughter) am now solely responsible for the upkeep and maintenance for this property. With that in mind, my mother wishes to transfer the rental income to me (it is bequeathed to me anyway in her will). I do not have Power of Attorney invoked for my mother. I understand that a Deed/Declaration would need to be issued confirming me as the beneficial owner but my main concern is the issue of capital gains tax on the transfer of rental income. My question is therefore would HMRC regard a deed assigning rental income from mother to daughter as a disposal for capital gains purposes? I would not be selling the property, just taking the rent. The advice as to whether this classes as a disposal is very conflicting. And if the answer is yes, then how would HMRC proceed to calculate any gain? I have also posted this question over on the Rental Income forum - but am also posting here in case this forum is more relevant. Thank you for your help.