I am classed as an agile worker in my workplace. I work 99.9% of my work time at home only very occasionally going into the office on an ad hoc basis as I need to or my manager asks me to. I also do ad hoc visits in the community from home. In policy it says base is home but they also say I have a fixed workplace which is an office. I start work at home at 7.30am. After this start time I may later go on a visit in the community. I have always started work at home before going anywhere including to the office. Two questions 1. Can I claim travelling expenses for all my journeys or is there a regular commute in all this? 2. Do I have to deduct time for a regular commute at any point? Please don’t give me links to HMRC site because I have read it until I am exhausted. I just need someone to put the rules in plain English please. Thank you.