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Posted Mon, 06 Nov 2023 14:04:46 GMT by
Hi there We are a shop who primarily sell vinyl records and we are having difficulties exporting them to another shop in Spain. We’ve sent many shipments of the same size and value to this same shop with no problems post Brexit and since the new VAT rules but now our shipments keep getting returned back to us once they arrive at customs in Spain. It isn't clear why they are getting returned as all the required paperwork has been filled in correctly on our side, including a valid HS code (85238090) and EORI numbers from both parties. Ourselves and the receiver have tried to communicate with the couriers and customs in Spain and there has been mention that the shop in Spain would need to sign up for a "Integrated Industrial Register” or a "No Farmin". We can't understand why they would need to register for these as they suggest the goods are of a hazardous or medical nature, which obviously does not apply to the goods we are exporting. Please could you clarify this? Your help is much appreciated Thank you
Posted Fri, 10 Nov 2023 15:30:28 GMT by Jason Croke
HMRC may be reluctant to reply as the issue appears to be in Spain (rejecting the import) and therefore outside the scope of HMRC's remit. I wonder if the word "vinyl" is causing the problem? Try adding document code Y999 as certain vinyl materials have dual military use, not suggesting Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon is military grade vinyl (but a classic album nonetheless) but there are some goods containing vinyl. It may also be to do with that HS code also includes electronic recording equipment (tape recorder, solid state storage devices such as hard drives) and the "Integrated Industrial Register" relates to waste goods being imported into Spain, specifically electronic goods (which would include tape recorders, hard drives, etc).  Maybe your freight agent isn't doing the import entry correctly and the Spanish border control are rejecting the import because it doesn't have the right paperwork (were it genuinely electronic equipment/waste), it doesn't need paperwork per se, it's an LP/album on vinyl, but it is under a HS code which includes electronic goods. Other than that, not got any other ideas as to why the goods are being returned.

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Posted Tue, 14 Nov 2023 10:06:35 GMT by HMRC Admin 19

If the request for "Integrated Industrial Register” or a "No Farmin" has been made by Spanish Customs you will need to contact them for further advice.

Thank you.

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