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Posted Wed, 21 Feb 2024 17:28:51 GMT by
We applied for our company to be registered as an employer but, did not receive any email to acknowledge that we are now registered as an employer. We also did not receive a letter from HMRC with PAYE reference , accounts office reference number and HRMC office number. We have called the HMRC helpline over 4 times to request for this information so that we can have access our account or set up our account on line with no help offered at all. Each time when we call we are told that a letter will be send to us in 7 days and its been 3 weeks now and we have not received any correspondence from HMRC with this information. We have not yet employed anyone and have recently received a letter from HMRC requesting for us to pay the PAYE for employer that is now over due. We have not employed anyone ever since the company started but we cant report this to HMRC using the FPS form as we don't have the details above. We also cant report to HMRC that we have stopped employing people as we don't have the above details( Even if we never employed anyone). Now we are stuck with bills that we do not need to pay as we have never employed anyone. The helpline agents we have spoken to just say that they have sent a letter with the PAYE information to us but we never received these letters and now we doubt if any letters are being send to us at all. The only letter we seem to receive is the bill for PAYE for employer. How else can we get our PAYE Reference, Accounts office reference and HMRC office number. We are now stuck and can not move forward. Please help! Thank you for your help
Posted Fri, 23 Feb 2024 10:01:38 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi Vongai M.
We apologise for the issues you have experienced when contacting the Helpline.
The issuing of these letters is automated once you have requested it so there is no doubt that they are being issued.
We cannot comment on why you have not received them.
However if you have received other correspondence from us regarding you as an employer that will provide you with either your PAYE reference or Accounts Office reference.
It will appear in the format of 3 numbers/series of letters and numbers.
Please check the letters that you have received as it should provide you with what you need. 
Thank you. 

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