Hello. In 2018, I came to London from Poland and, with assistance, quickly found a job that I worked in until 2020. At that time, I returned to Poland for 3 years for studies. However, this year I decided to return to the UK as I still have an active pre-settled status, which is valid for another six months. I have managed to rent a flat in the UK with my family. I'm uncertain about the next steps because I work remotely for a Polish company, and I've also established my own LTD business in the UK. While I know how to handle tax matters for my UK-based LTD, I am unsure about how to manage the taxation of my work for the Polish company. I received information that I can apply for settled status, but I want to do this with certainty regarding taxes and insurance. I have an Insurance Number that I obtained during my previous stay in the UK. Therefore, I have the following questions: 1.How should I handle taxes in the UK while working remotely for a Polish company? I earn a net income of 4500 PLN, which is approximately £16,788.12 annually. 2. I am currently insured in Poland, but I would like to have insurance coverage in the UK. 3. Does all of this relate to my registered LTD business in the UK? Best regards and thank you for your response. Sylwia