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Posted Thu, 24 Aug 2023 11:11:29 GMT by
Have been struggling with this for some years now. This year I received my P800 saying that I owe HMRC money, which really surprised me. HMRC was taxing me on income that should have been exempt... but anyway. My point is when I try to get information about the issue, once again wasn't able to create my personal tax account to look into the issue. There are no emails, no address in my letter. So contacted the social media platforms that either didn't even bother to reply or asked me to access my online tax account, even after I explained I couldn't create one... I had to beg for a phone number and finally, after waiting for more that 40 minutes (paid call) I managed to have a lady explaining me the issue with my taxes this year. A lot of the information was still a bit vague and I asked her how can I create this account. I need 2 types of documentation: p60 or payslip, which I have, and a British Passport. I have a non British platform and don't have a driving license. I cannot afford to have a car and financially is not viable to spend £££ on a document that I won't use. The alternative would be if you have any credit score from a bank loan or credit card, which you would have to pay commission on. It's also not a financially viable solution for me. I was told that utilities bills, bank statements, council tax bill or house contract are not acceptable forms of documents. Why? The lady didn't know. I know that people will say "Oh, so sorry but these are the rules and we cannot accept... " Whoever is going to read this really can't do anything but these are not the laws of physics. This rules are a result of decision making of people and they are designed to discriminatory not just of foreigns but also a lot of British people who don't have the means to even get a passport. I do feel like my rights are being denied, not just in terms of accessing but also getting support with any issue. It's appalling that an government's institution does something like this. My passport was good enough when it come to tax me or even to go through DBS checks, not reliable enough to grant me access and support regarding my own taxes.
Posted Wed, 30 Aug 2023 16:01:18 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi Carla Capeto,
We can't comment on HMRC policy.
There is a set list of items that can be used for verification.
Thank you. 


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