Hello, I was a self employed in the UK for 3 years, I left the UK at the end of march 2023 and I have no current plan on coming back at the moment. I was not fiscal resident in any other country for the rest of the fiscal year 2022-2023. My last fiscal year in the UK has been 2022-2023 since I lost my 2 biggest clients at the very end of fiscal year (start of march 2023). Now I have to complete the self assessment form (sa100 ) and the (sa109) but I am confused about the latter From what I understand I need to put an X in the sa109 in box 3,4, box 6 indicate end date -> when I left the UK box 10,13 _-> indicate numbers of days I worked in the year in UK box 12-> indicate number of ties in the UK in 2022-2023 I should be pretty much ignoring all boxes after 15 as I don't think are relevant for my situation. Finally in the notes part at the end I should explain my situation and that I left the UK at the end of March. 1-By doing this, I will not be asked by the system to do a new payment on account for 2023-2024, correct? 2-But I should only pay or receive the difference compared to what I paid by the end of july for the second payment on account of 2022-2023, correct? 3-Is the form sa109 as filled as I mentioned above enough to say to HMRC I left the UK, correct? Thank you for your help