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Posted Fri, 07 Jul 2023 13:39:29 GMT by
Tax year 2022-2023 My status is as follows: Untaxed UK interest: GBP3 (gross interest from UK) Untaxed foreign Interest: GBP3 (gross interest from Hong Kong) Untaxed foreign Interest: GBP20 (gross interest from offshore account in Isle of Man) Untaxed foreign cash dividend: GBP13 Untaxed foreign special scrip dividend: 10 bonus shares distributed in specie: GBP148 (10 bonus shares x GBP14.8 per closing market price per share at the date of receipt) (No tax on both dividends in Hong Kong) Per the Foreign notes 2022-2023, I noticed two points: Use the ‘Foreign’ pages if you want to claim Foreign Tax Credit Relief or Special Withholding Tax if you’re claiming the remittance basis. When making a declaration of foreign income, please make sure that the figure of ‘double taxed income’ is shown – the figure that was actually taxable in the foreign country. Based on my status, Que 1: I should not use "Foreign" pages to report my untaxed foreign interest and untaxed foreign dividend because of no tax on foreign interest and foreign dividend in Hong Kong, correct? Que 2: Which form and section should I use to report my total untaxed foreign interest (interest from Hong Kong and Isle of Man) and untaxed foreign dividend based on my status? Can I fill in: untaxed UK interest: GBP3 in box 2 untaxed foreign interest: GBP23 in box 3 (gross interest from HK and Isle of Man) untaxed foreign dividend: GBP161 (cash dividend of GBP13 + scrip dividend of GBP148) in box 6 (source from HK) foreign tax taken off: GBP0 in Box 7 In 2022-2023, I do not have employment income. I have untaxed UK interest, untaxed foreign interest and untaxed foreign dividend (cash dividend + scrip dividend). I regret that I am struggle on these and kindly advise. Thank you very much
Posted Thu, 13 Jul 2023 13:40:49 GMT by HMRC Admin 8
You can use box 3 of SA100, if your only foreign income was untaxed foreign interest (of up to £2,000), put the amount (in UK pounds) in box 3 instead of filling in the Foreign’ pages.  
You must put the name of the country where the interest arose in Any other information on page TR 7.  
If it was more than £2,000, you’ll need to fill in the Foreign pages.
If your only foreign income was any interest in box 3 and dividends up to £2,000 and you’re claiming deduction relief, put the net amount of foreign dividends (in UK pounds) in box 6.
Put the foreign tax taken off in box 7.  If your total dividend income (including UK and foreign dividends) is over £2,000 and you’re eligible to claim deduction relief or Foreign Tax Credit Relief, do not include the foreign dividend in this box.
Complete the Foreign pages instead.
Tax Return notes
Thank you.

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