Hi, As a UK resident taxpayer, I simply can't find a comprehensive order of taxation for my situation, which is probably not uncommon, but you simply can't find online anywhere. HMRC should display more examples covering the majority of scenarios and not just the for those with one or two income streams. I have: PAYE earnings + BIK company car + rental income - this I understand is treated as the same thing for personal tax, after my personal allowance. Savings interest - after my savings allowance, this is added to the previous amount for tax Dividends - after any dividend allowance, this is then taxed at 8.75% [if any Basic rate left] or 33.75% [if between the Higher and Additional rate] Less any Reliefs [eg VCT 30% tax relief], but does this also include the Property Finance 20% tax credit at this point? Property CGT - after any CGT allowances, this is taxed at 18% [if any Basic rate left] or 28% [after the Basic rate is used up] Does Dividends play any part in calculating CGT or, as I believe, is ignored? Please confirm my order of tax is correct and answer the two questions above. Many thanks.